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Civic Power

Our project, funded by Civic Power, is dedicated to enhancing our ambassadors team and fostering community engagement. Through a series of activities such as team-building sessions, training on using the Brum account and 'Fix My Street' app, neighbourhood walkabouts, Saathi House Open Days, and support for ambassadors attending Ward meetings, we aim to upskill our ambassadors and involve the wider service user group in a network of information sharing and support.

In addition to these sessions, we are focused on developing a communication strategy, evaluating the impact of our activities, seeking partnerships, gathering feedback, and potentially expanding our ambassadors team to encompass more areas and diverse perspectives. Our ultimate objective is to empower ambassadors and community members to actively participate in local decision-making processes and make a positive impact in their neighbourhood.

Go to Events page to see the dates and times for each activity. 

Praying Together
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