COVID-19 UPDATE: Easing of lockdown

June 16, 2020

As the Prime Minister and Government have announced an easing of the national lockdown, Saathi House will be resuming select classes and sessions at Saathi House, while continuing the remainder online for those still self-isolating or not ready to venture out as yet.


While we understand and respect that not all of our service users are ready to venture back out into the world due to the ongoing risks, we have taken measures to make Saathi House as safe as possible for those who choose to attend any workshops held at the venue.

Saathi House has implemented a one-way system where possible, with restrictions on the number of people occupying delivery spaces, function rooms and passageways at any given time.

All rooms and surfaces including tables and chairs are wiped down between use and the entire building has been deep-cleaned during the lockdown period.

Hand sanitisers have been made available for use in every room as well as at the entrance, along with disposable gloves and anti-bacterial wipes.

Face masks must be worn at all times when using the building and its facilities. All of these rules apply to all service users, staff, members and visitors to Saathi House, without exception.

Social distancing must be adhered to and signs enforcing this have been visibly placed throughout the building.

Communal spaces, such as the kitchen, must no longer be used by more than one person at a time and for health and hygiene reasons, food and drink will not be prepared at Saathi House for group events.

This being the case, it is also worth noting many workshops held by Saathi House and our partners will continue to take place online too.

Remember, if you do not feel well or you are vulnerable, please stay at home and protect yourself and others.

We hope Saathi House continues to provide a vital service in the community while joining the continuing fight against Covid-19.