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Environmental Education

Funded by Heart of England and WMCA 
Every Tuesday 9:30am -11:30am 


Our project, Sustainable Learning for All, is a series of interactive environmental education workshops aimed at educating, empowering, and inspiring individuals to take action against the climate crisis and contribute positively to the protection and enhancement of the environment.

Through these workshops, participants will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of sustainable living practices but also engage in practical activities to equip them with the skills needed to integrate sustainability into their daily lives. The project aims to encourage active participation and involvement in environmental protection, empowering individuals to initiate positive changes in their lives and local communities.

The themes covered in the workshops include sustainable living, waste reduction techniques, food waste management, energy conservation, water conservation, biodiversity, green spaces, and eco-friendly shopping habits.

We will also involve initiatives like neighbourhood compost bins, planting schemes, and showcasing results at the end of the project to promote a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship.

Go to the Events page to discover more activities. 

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