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Journalist Hasan Patel photo by Victoria

BBC and Al-Jazeera journalist to teach media skills to refugees and migrants

February 16, 2020

An international journalist who has worked for BBC News and Al Jazeera will be hosting a media skills workshop at Saathi House to inspire and empower refugees and migrants to share their stories.

Hasan Patel, a communications specialist who has worked in the US, UK and Qatar, will be sharing his knowledge or journalism and news broadcasting with refugees, migrants and asylum seekers.

The journalist has worked in Leicester, Manchester and Lancashire before jetting off to Doha and New York to work as a digital journalist and PR & comms specialist.

Hasan Patel is aiming to empower the next generation of under-represented talent from the region by hosting a workshop with Migrant Voice for those born outside of the UK, including immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Conducting his Media Lab session at Saathi House in Bevington Road, Aston, he will be teaching and demonstrating how migrants can share their stories and experiences through the medium of news journalism, providing the basic tools to help participants express themselves using TV, print and digital media. 

The session is part of Migrant Voice’s collaborative work with the West Midland’s MiFriendly Cities initiative.

Migrant Voice, a national organisation that aims to amplify the voices of migrant communities, is working with West Midlands based organisation MiFriendly Cities to host several Media Labs each year as a way of training attendees to control their own narrative around migration and the migrant experience.

Selbin Kabote, media lab project worker for Migrant Voice, said:

“The special Media Lab workshop will be a valuable learning experience for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Birmingham as it will equip them with the basic journalism skills that they need to enable them to speak for themselves in the media and public life.

“It is indeed a great honour and privilege to secure the services of the former Al Jazeera and BBC journalist Hasan Patel, who will facilitate the media lab training session at our Saathi House Birmingham office.”

Anyone wishing to join photojournalist Migrant Voice and Hasan Patel on Friday 28th February in Birmingham can register by emailing Selbin Kabote on or calling 07821 147 341. 

For more information, visit

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