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Below are a collection of high resolution images and links to video content related to Saathi House.

These images are for official use only, in relation to Saathi House marketing and media use for press and partners.

The below multimedia content should only be used in context of Saathi House services. While select images reflect our general activities and projects, some may be specific to a particular event. Please consider this when using this content.

IMAGES: Saathi House photographs may be viewed and downloaded for official media, publicity and partner use. Images may be tweaked and cropped as required for final presentation in this respect but must not be edited to remove representation, ownership and/or context of Saathi House, our branding and/or our key values. Images must not be used to represent or promote individuals, organisations or actions unrelated to, or against the ethos of, Saathi House and its staff or clients. Unauthorised use is not permitted.

VIDEOS: Saathi House videos are featured here from our YouTube channel, where they can be viewed, embedded and shared. Videos must not be downloaded and/or re-uploaded to unrelated platforms and neither should they be used to misrepresent Saathi House and our values. They must also not be used for unauthorised purposes unrelated to Saathi House. If you are represent a media organisation or partner and require any of our video content for direct use, please contact us with details.

Additionally, if you need clarification or further details on any images, videos or multimedia content and their use, please get in touch.

If you are a member of the press and require a specific image or any other details, please contact

All Saathi House multimedia content is copyright of Saathi House and/or its respective author(s) and should be attributed as such, unless stated otherwise. 



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